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Don’t run your friends over.

There’s been some minor Bristol Mothing lately. We had a bit of an open day two Saturdays ago with DJ, Andrew Friend and Rich Westbury all joining in and I think we had 7 boats out at various stages. Darren … Continue reading

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28.8 Knots

  Mike Cooke from Bristol has set a new UK speed record of 28.8 knots. This is now the fastest recorded time in the UK and has surely opened the door to the elusive 30 knot club. Mike Cooke tells … Continue reading

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Parkstone Open

24 Boats rocked up for the open at Parkstone over the weekend. After the lacklustre turnout at QM for the inlands I was a bit worried about the UK circuit but things are looking brighter now the sun is out. … Continue reading

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The 28.8 Knot club

I don’t think there is a 30 knot club in the UK yet, so I have here my highest bid. I also appear to have my rash vest on backwards. Has anyone been faster over here? I know Rodders/Rashley and … Continue reading

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Are you serious?

Seems the latest craze with Mothies is blogging less. Even Phil Oligario is doing it! I think it’s a bit of a shame that in order to be competitive people seem to be spending less time online sharing their experiences … Continue reading

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