Messing about in boats

I had my last sail prior to the “Dash for Cash” today, seems like the season has only just got started and already the Nationals is upon us.

As my poor abused 10.c is with Dave Bosnia at Dynamic Sails for some tender loving care I was using the afternoon for messing around with the Silly Sail and some different mast combinations. I’m persisting with it as it’s blindingly quick in certain conditions but unwieldy when the wind gets up, something I’m starting to get my head around with a stiffer mast and some planned mods to the luff curve. Still, nothing ventured and all that…

Alan was out for a pre-nationals blast around and to test his boat out after it blew over his car while rigged the other week! Luckily it escaped with only a broken gantry that was easily fixed. Leo also popped down to pick up his boat. It’s looking like the full complement of the Bristol Moth Squadron will be heading down to Stokes Bay next week and with the entry list approaching 50 boats it’s going to be one hell of an event…

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