Rocket Launcher

So the Rocket finally took to the skies at Queen Mary yesterday. I’ll post a bit more in depth later on but I figured I ought to put something up for those poor people not on Facebook ;-) . Things went hitch free thankfully and I spend a good couple of hours blasting around trying to remember how to sail (not been in a boat since October) and starting to figure out what settings need tweaking.
You’ll have to forgive the ridiculously high boom, this was before I started playing with everything to get it all in the right place!






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2 Responses to Rocket Launcher

  1. looking good! (thanks for non facebook post also..!) sorry not to be down yesterday, had a good sail today though, pretty mental breeze…! nice graphics too..!

  2. Cookie says:

    Thanks for your graphics work young man. Got some nice printed icons to go on too but the boat was filthy by the time I got round to it!

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