Sunday sailing

For the first time since Poole I finally managed to get out on the water. It looked pretty marginal, but once out there it turned out to be a great sail, with some cracking gusts going through. This gave me the chance to give my new daggerboard a good thrashing and also pushed up my personal best up to 23.1knots peak speed. I also managed a 500 metre run just short of 20 knots.

The wind died off through the day though, and Alan gave me a firm beating in the race foiling earlier and longer through the lulls. I’ve got a couple of mods to do though which should even the balance back a bit. As soon as the wind was up though, the Samurai definitely had the legs on his Prowler…

All good fun, its amazing to actually have water and not too much weed at this time of year!

Moving forwards

Silver Samurai was on the market for all of a week before a buyer found her! She’s done me proud though, I’m just hanging on to her long enough to sail at Draycote and then its on with the Mad Rush (TM) to get the first V4 Axiom done. The hull mould is nearly finished and the deck mould is soon to follow…

Will post some pics when its ready!

Final Wednesday evening sailing

The last Wednesday evening sail of the year must mean that winter is now on its way. 4 of the Bristol Mothies were out, but not me as I was busying myself making an experimental new daggerboard and doing the final sanding on the Axiom V4 plug.

As usual the breeze died off for the actual racing, but apparently some great sailing was had earlier on in the day.
Alan is making some good progress now in the lighter winds with getting foiling and Chris is starting to bother the front of the fleet in his lowrider. When he gets foils he will be one to watch out for as he is a top helm and fast learner…

More Video Action

A quick evening of video editing saw the Nationals footage turned into a nice crashing montage. Enjoy!


Saturday sailing

I took Angie’s new boat out for a spin today to give it a bit of a tune up and try to figure out how long all the strings needed to be. The V3 hullshape makes for quite a nice lowrider – I’m still not convinced by the KA sail shape, although it seems fast. Not much to sort out though, which is a bonus.

Alan has finally returned to BCYC after a massive sailing holiday summer, and is slowly starting to get his boat to behave itself with a bit of tuning.

Weed has appeared at the lake though, not ideal, although the water level is still good which makes a nice change!