GBR 3191 Jamming with Edward

The first of the v.4 Axioms is now pretty much done. Just barring a coat of gloss on the new foils and my sail to turn up I should be back on the water on Saturday.
The new shape is flatter and fatter at the back for improved bouncing and shift the buoyancy aft from the v.3 shape. The tramps all lace to the hull in the classic style and a first for me is removable wing bars. All the usual Harken gear and a Hyde sail. Spars are Aardvark and foils are new shape Aardvark ones, with some interesting stuff going on with the rudder and a hopefully improved flap hinge system.
The general plan is to sail Edward in anger at Cheddar for a few weeks before heading off and taking part in a few winter handicap events.

New sail numbers

After a weekend down in Weymouth mulling over various ideas with Mr May I now have my new sail number!
I’ve decided to go with my new ISAF plaque number early to save messing around with numbers further down the line meaning I have the rather wacky number of 3191 and Mr Whicher has 3192…

Undercoat went on the hull today, hopefully the boat will be pretty much there by the end of the week, with just sail and foils to be done.

Mad pimpin' pt 2

This evening saw all the carbon going on the joins and getting the tramps marked up for chopping… All good fun, Martin will be back out on the water in a weeks time. Just wish my new boat was done now!

Mad Pimpin' -pt1

Well, it was discussed by most of the GBR team in Italy that we really should sort out Tom Whichers’ boat. It had a bit of a tidy up and sort out on its return to England, but its only now that the (very high) wing bars have been sorted out…

Martin Fear (boats new owner) and myself spent an evening cutting and shutting the wing bar tubes into their new geometry. The results actually look pretty cool, with a bit of a Stuka effect going on…