Sunday sailing

After Yesterdays shenanigins, Em gave me a bit of “water leave” to go make make sure all is peachy now and it seems all my earlier issues are resolved – the boat flies at just over 7knots boatspeed and even with my daggerboard finish in a state after the previous evenings flap refitting I managed a new PB in the new boat of 21.3 knots. I didn’t stay out long, other than to nail 5 gibes in a row and do a bit of upwind practice.
Martin and Alan were both out getting some flying time in too, and after lending Martin my GPS he managed a new PB of 17.5 – not bad for a first-Gen foiler and only a months foiling experience. (edit, Martin got that up to 18.5 in the afternoon!)

Steve Nicholson race

A day wasted really – After enjoying the hospitality of Chateaux Whicher on Friday night, I got up early and headed to Pitsford.
When I got there I found it was a bit windy – 20+ knots going through with some nasty patches. I launched and couldn’t nail the bearaway – the boat just didn’t want to fly! After a bit of fiddling around, I found the tube that takes the rod in the daggerboard was no longer attached to the top of the board and was flexing like crazy inside meaning any wand input was dissapearing. I think this was the result of a bit too much fiddling around and removing material when I was playing with my experimental flap so I’m not sure how long it had been that way…

Either way, it looked like carnage out there – Jason Belben was the only other mothy to show up and seemed to have a good handle on things, taking the first race by some margin from Sam P in the 600FF despite falling over a few times. I think he spent more time dodging the other boats than sailing the course though! I haven’t seen the results yet to see if Jase took it on handicap though…

Anyway – got back home and took my board internals out and replaced them – its tons better now. Its a lesson learned, the hard way – but if you dont mess around with these things you don’t learn – at least I was messing with my own gear and not a customers!

Cheddar Mothy update

Gavin and Angela have left for slightly sunnier climes and have taken up residence in Falmouth. We do however have a new Mothy in the shape of Leo Carswell, who has bought Gavin’s boat and will be keeping it in the club.

Martin and Alan have been getting out quite a bit by the sounds of it, and I really should get back there for some sailing soon, but Winter events have been getting in the way!

Steve Nicholson at Northampton this weekend, and Tiger the following weekend – reports to follow…

Bloody Hell…

Well done to Graham for taking line honours at the BM. Shame on QMSC and their nonsensical handicap shenanigins. Also, well done to Jason Belben, who was ahead of Graham for most of the race and finished not far behind.

My race was not quite as successfull as Grahams (alright, no where near it) As my boat is still not foiling quite as early as it should be – I am now going to have to bite the bullet and remove the flap altogether and put it back on in a different way.

Basically, the down movement of the flap has been limited on this foil (Tom’s was done the normal way and is behaving as it should!) in an effort to reduce drag. Its obviously not giving enough lift though!
When I was foiling it was good though, giving good pace and being very smooth in the air. It was just hard work getting going, especially when everyone else is flying around you!

We had a great turnout, with lowriders and wide boats and foilers coming to a total of 12 boats, making us one of the largest fleets there. A few of us are doing the Steve Nicholson race on the 26th, followed by a few more doing the Tiger Trophy soon afterwards…

Random photos from the BM to follow.

Gary in AUS

Not really Bristol related, but I’ve just heard from Gary Ireson, who has been out in Australia to collect his new Prowler. Apparently he was 5th in the Aussie Nats and had some good racing with Amac.

New Prowler has reduced freeboard and modified foils – will be very interesting to see up close…

Toms new boat

Sunday saw the launch of Tom Whichers “Paranoid Android”, a new v4 Axiom at Bristol after a mad weekend of fitting out and stringing up. Not a lot of wind, however it did fill in for about 10 minutes allowing some foiling. The boat was working well and flying nicely which is a good place to start.

The weathers been a bit silly lately, not letting me get much flying time in – in fact I can still count the flying time in Jamming with Edward in minutes rather than hours. This is not really ideal with the Bloody Mary fast approaching, but I am confident that I’ve solved all my set up issues now so I’m going to be brave!