Sunday sailing

Last sunday was my last sail of the year but it turned out to be a good one! The wind was in a vaguely normal direction and while a bit puffy allowed some great sailing.

Former Mothie Alex Knight was visiting in his foiling 600 and I had hoped for a good showdown to see how they square up to the Moth but unfortunately he missed the start of the first race and just blasted around. I couldn’t blame him though, as the course was so complicated I had to keep sailing near to the club on the first lap to figure out which mark was next…

The second race was much simpler, but Alex was led astray by a Contender sailing the wrong course and the puffy conditions were not really suiting the 600 – while it was as quick as a Moth in a straight line it really suffers in the manuevers. Its early days though as he hasn’t had the boat too long. I think for the near future the handicap for it won’t be as quick as a Moth, but can see us racing off the same yardstick as more people get their handling down…

Good ol’ BCYC is still racing me off 840 though through a bloody minded will to not start shifting PY’s about unless the RYA says otherwise, so I am currently second in the winter series despite only doing three races so far while first place has done 6 now…

Did a bit of mini trimaran foiling after the races too and made the good move of wearing my wetsuit which helped retrieval as it is still over canvassed and doesnt like the big gusts!

Next race for me is the Bloody Mary on the 10th of Jan. Last year had 8 boats – lets see if we can beat that and give the organisers a real headache…

61 knots?!

Apparently Hydroptere wiped out doing a peak speed of 61 knots… Kinda puts things in perspective doesn’t it – I think the water is hard enough at 20!

No pics or video of the crash as yet, but its upsidedown here and nicely standing on its nose here!

Return to Foiltown

This weekend was my first trip back to Weymouth since the worlds and after battling through flood ridden Somerset on Saturday morning I arrived to find no wind! Surely its always windy in Weymouth?

After hanging around for a bit drinking tea and eating cake, waiting for the wind to fill in we decided to play with the mini foiler instead. There wasn’t really enough wind for that either…
Decided as the forecast was looking better for Sunday to hang around and try sailing on Sunday too which turned out to be a great plan.
Breeze was good, although a bit shifty blowing off the land and gave me the chance to do a few tuning runs with Adam May and Alex Adams while Helen Rollinson was bombing around the harbour practicing her skills. It was all pretty evenly matched really, not a lot to work on other than just going sailing!

We decided to run for cover at about midday though, as the breeze had kicked up and we were expecting 30+ knots (which never appeared!). After a bite of lunch, the breeze was about 15 knots and we decided to relaunch the foiler and see if we could get it working properly.
It then promptly surprised us all, by flying around the marina and while the sail was interspersed with pitchpoles it was all very promising! Everyone is now hooked, and plotting their own versions… Adam took a load of photos too which he’s going to upload soon hopefully.


Secret Squirrel for sale

Secret Squirrel is for sale!

Built in 2008 for the Moth Worlds, this is one of the stiffest Moths out there – featuring profiled front wing bars and tapered high modulus rear bars (so stiff it doesn’t need a bridle across the back).
This is the nicest Moth I have ever sailed with tons of control and will do foil tacks (if you can!) Top speed so far of 23.5 knots but you can do better…

The Axiom v4 is the lowest freeboard of all the Moth designs for minimum windage.
The foils feature high aspect ratio wings with swept tips on the rudder to reduce drag.

Hyde sail new in October 2008, Aardvark high modulus mast and boom and a full Harken hardware pack. The boat will have a respray prior to changing hands so will be “as new” again. Includes launching trolley, road base is negotiable

I am advertising the boat now, but it will not be available until early February 09, deposit to secure.

I can split the parts up, if you don’t want the rig or foils, get in touch for a price.
Country : United Kingdom (The)

Price: £ 7500
Contact: Mike Cooke
07887 775128

Get while the getting's good.

Decided to pop down to the club this morning (after getting rid of the thick layer of ice on the van) to do a bit of fiddling and play toys boats if the weather allowed, but unfortunately this is what we found…

While the fog did lift eventually, no wind materialised so we just sat around drinking tea… I was going to threaten to boycott the UK until the temperature is back above 10 degrees, but that means no sailing for months. Got to appreciate whatever you can get…

Apparently the Mach 2 wont be making its debut at the Bloody Mary anymore – pity really, as someone of Simon’s calibre would put in another good show for the Moths (even if we still can’t win the trophy).