Silvaplana pictures

Action man Paton – one to watch I think…
Brief appearance of the Ellway mk2
Special Agent Barton – weeks most improved
Mr Pybus in Lola
Turtle in action
Doug proud of his latest sponsor
A rare smile on my face!
4 Ninjas in the icy water
Phil’s branding is a bit subtle…
Whereas James’ will sell many tractors…
Martin peaked too soon! Fastest BR on the lake though…
Katherine sporting the mini rig

Where do you spend your time?

Si’s blog post about the May/Beer wing (kudos to Adam and Kev) has got me thinking. How do you decide where to focus your time on a campaign? Those of us without coaches or squaddie experience tend to have more of a point and shoot focus on sailing. Get in boat, go race.

But a Moth is more of a challenge than that. Do you focus on design and hope to get the leap on people with pure boatspeed. This is a tricky one as you have to be happy that you know the state of the art and know you can do better. I suspect as more and more people become adept at handling Moths that more focus will come onto this but the gains will be smaller and smaller.

Do you focus on handling – being able to nail one more tack and gibe than the next man has got to help


Who knows. I know I spend most of mine in the workshop working on other things!

Anyway, Martin and myself braved the weedy lake that is currently Cheddar for a quick sail yesterday. I was out for a blast checking new foil setups (vastly improved on the Nationals!) and testing out my new standard Hyde which I am very pleased with. Martin has a trial Skinny Ninja rudder on the back of his Bladerider which appears to be doing the business. Will be interesting to see how he gets on with it.

Training at Stokes Bay this weekend before the long drive out to Switzerland. Should be getting out there on Monday evening and hoping for a nice few days of mountain biking, bimbling and the occasional sail with Martin and Rodders. Anyone else out there early?