Life goes on…

Sitting in my usual spot (somewhere in the workshop with a half finished boat) I’m getting that feeling that the year is passing me by! Tom, Alan, Martin, Leo and Darren have all been out sailing at Cheddar and the best I can manage is dropping the mini40 in the lake and blasting that around.

The 2011 Ninja is shaping up nicely now though after a long gestation period. There are no drastic changes afoot. Lots of little tweaks to make life simpler for building and to neaten up little bits of stiffness and aero here and there. With the completion of the final piece of foil mould jigsaw over the weekend I’m left looking forward to finding out what Kevins’ latest creations are capable of.
The first set is going to the Stokes Bay Ninja death squad where Chris Rashley and Jason Belben will be testing them against last years foils while I will no doubt be launching mine boat and foils on the morning of the inlands at Queen Mary.

On the plus side, I’ve taken up running (albeit very slowly) so I hopefully won’t spend the first half of the season getting fit for sailing by going sailing. The sun even came out for a bit yesterday and I vaguely thought mountain biking would be doable again…

So, a bit of a ramble – which you’ve probably come to expect by now if you come here often. Bring on the season!

Normal service resumed

The last two weekends have seen normal sailing resume at BCYC. Both Leo and Darren were out in their boats last weekend and Darren and Tom were both out this weekend despite gusts over 30 knots.

Tom is getting to grips with his M2 nicely now and it will be good to have him to race against at the club and hopefully we can both push our games up.

Simon has now bought the Ninja Turtle and should be on the water in that over the next few weeks while I’m busy trying to get the various pieces of the 2011 Ninja together with new moulds for pretty much everything including new foil designs. It’s safe to say I’m pretty excited about this season as I believe the Turtle was very quick and Kevin is confident that he’s moved the foils on again…

Roll on spring!!!