Ninja wins the UK GP Series

Congratulations to Ninja sailor Chris Rashley who fought a tight battle with Simon Payne down at Paignton over the weekend to secure the open and the Grand Prix series for 2011. This tops off a fantastic first year for Chris and we’re looking forward to seeing what he can do in 2012!

The Stealth Moth – Boatyard camo

I couldn’t let Andrews Dazzle camo Moth go sailing without a fellow stealthy vessel and taking my inspiration from a lack of time I present the Stealth Moth/Boatyard camo. Basically I’ve primed it and polished it with the intention of abusing the boat for a few months before it receives it’s silly paintscheme!

I’ve just finished roping the boat up this afternoon and she’s now ready for the high seas of the English Riviera – that makes it two opens this year where I’ve launched a boat for the first time! Hopefully something I won’t be doing again for quite a while…

BR Upgrades page updated

I’ve updated the BR upgrades page to add the new replacement BR mainfoil vertical and pricing.
We’ve recently found that our vertical sections will fit the Bladerider with very little modification to the daggerboard casing so we are now offering replacement standard modulus foils and upgraded high modulus foils for improved stiffness.
More info here