Ninja 3767 (NOW SOLD)

Ninja 3767 up for sale. She’s a 2010 Ninja that I’ve had back to fully pimp out. All the control systems are now current, current spec mast and a set of prototype cut down foils. I’ve been sailing the boat since Garda and she’s been going very well indeed.

Recently refinished in metallic purple
Good condition MSL13 sail (not the one in the sailing pic, that’s my knackered MSL10!)
Custom Aardspar skinny mast with only 6 months use
Southern Boom
Cut down foils (maybe not suited for heavyweights) recently refurbished
Oligroglio adjustable wand
Adjustable pushrod
Adjustable rudder
Foil bags
Top cover
Launching trolley

In theory there is an unconventional boatbox which should be good for a trip across Europe. If you are overseas and looking for a boat I can arrange shipping. I’ll warranty the boat in the UK for 3 months, but would need to agree some terms for overseas buyers.