Yeah, I'm still here

For a while my blogging was inversely proportional to my sailing time, choosing to spend time on the water. That’s gone out the window this year and my blogging is pretty much on par with my sailing time!
I worked out the other day that my Moth sailing hours are barely into double figures this year, and that includes the recent inlands at Bala which is pretty much the only event I’ve made it to! Thankfully it turned out to be a belter, with beautiful sunshine and awesome breezes on the Sunday. Rocket is proving to be a trusty companion for me, with plenty of pace and nice easy handling. While I ended up third in the event, it was a close run thing and my missing the start of race 4 (by half the beat!) cost me dearly. Badger is back on it, in his Rocket Powered M2 – slowly getting the hang of setting that up…
Rocket development is proceeding apace, with boats 5 and 6 in build at the moment. Gio and Dylan Fletcher are providing valuable tuning feedback and we’re slowly getting an understanding of how the boats like to be setup and they’re proving to be pretty quick at first launch now which is a good sign of how the setups are coming together.
Suffice to say I plan on being on the water at the Nationals in plenty of time for the starts, even if I don’t get any hours in beforehand! It’s shaping up to be a great event too, with nearly 40 boats entered within the first few days of registration and plenty of Euro folk heading over for the chance to win loads of cake by the sounds of it.
Sounds like my kind of event!