Mini40iler progress

Been making some pretty good progress with the Mini40iler concept. Pleased to say all the moulds have been sorted and the boat is going well.

1400 grams for the platform inc electrics without the rig meaning around 1600g all up. The hulls are all bladder moulded in one piece to keep the weights down, speed up production and keep the prices sensible. I’ve kept the mast stub layout to fit the DF95 rigs so a cheap off the shelf solution is available

  • Kit of 3 hulls will be £500
  • Set of 3 foils £200
  • Unpainted platform with foils will be £900
  • Ready to rig inc servo and budget sailwinch £1200

All prices ex VAT and delivery – air freighted boats would have to be in a flat-pack kit style to keep the size down but assembly should be pretty straight forward.

More info on the Mini40iler page