Bloody Hell…

Well done to Graham for taking line honours at the BM. Shame on QMSC and their nonsensical handicap shenanigins. Also, well done to Jason Belben, who was ahead of Graham for most of the race and finished not far behind.

My race was not quite as successfull as Grahams (alright, no where near it) As my boat is still not foiling quite as early as it should be – I am now going to have to bite the bullet and remove the flap altogether and put it back on in a different way.

Basically, the down movement of the flap has been limited on this foil (Tom’s was done the normal way and is behaving as it should!) in an effort to reduce drag. Its obviously not giving enough lift though!
When I was foiling it was good though, giving good pace and being very smooth in the air. It was just hard work getting going, especially when everyone else is flying around you!

We had a great turnout, with lowriders and wide boats and foilers coming to a total of 12 boats, making us one of the largest fleets there. A few of us are doing the Steve Nicholson race on the 26th, followed by a few more doing the Tiger Trophy soon afterwards…

Random photos from the BM to follow.