Rocket Launcher

So the Rocket finally took to the skies at Queen Mary yesterday. I’ll post a bit more in depth later on but I figured I ought to put something up for those poor people not on Facebook 😉 . Things went hitch free thankfully and I spend a good couple of hours blasting around trying to remember how to sail (not been in a boat since October) and starting to figure out what settings need tweaking.
You’ll have to forgive the ridiculously high boom, this was before I started playing with everything to get it all in the right place!






2 Replies to “Rocket Launcher”

  1. looking good! (thanks for non facebook post also..!) sorry not to be down yesterday, had a good sail today though, pretty mental breeze…! nice graphics too..!

  2. Thanks for your graphics work young man. Got some nice printed icons to go on too but the boat was filthy by the time I got round to it!

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