Weston Weekend

Yet again, I’ve failed in my task of writing stuff for the blog. I’m starting to think I ought to rename the blog to reflect the complete lack of anything Bristol related going onto it! Ideas on a postcard…

Weston was a great weekend in the end. The forecast was looking a bit ropey halfway through the week and we arrived to no wind. The race team were confident we’d start on time and we thought they were having a laugh. This meant that quite a lot of the fleet were still ashore during the first race when the sea breeze had kicked in right on time!

Due to a lack of sailing, I was trying a load of new stuff on the boat, including a custom variant of the 2012 Hyde which I’d originally ordered for myself and due to some interesting lead times had ended up on Rich Westburys ‘Stop the Pidgeon’. The replacement for this had just arrived on my doorstep and I was keen to try it. Certainly looks how I wanted it and with some tweaks like tapered battens and replacing the top two cams with some that fit I think it’ll probably be my worlds sail.
I was also mucking around with my wand bias a little but ended up back where I started for day two as everything felt a little bouncy and slow.

I generally felt my boatspeed was actually pretty good over the weekend. I wasn’t losing out to the front runners when I was on top of things, but my first beats and starting was leaving me with ground to make up and that’s not something I’m going to be able to afford in a 100 boat fleet! 9 Days till hitching up!

Been following the olympic circus online in my tea breaks at work. Cheering on the Mothies in the 49er fleet – normally you end up cheering on your countrymen! It’s nice validation when you know that the top of your game is at the top of the world game!