Mothies Assemble!

For the first time in a long time we had the entire Bristol Moth squadron out on the water 2 Saturdays ago. We had a great day with sunshine and a fruity 10-20 knot breeze.
Tom made for the water straight away to make the most of the forecast bigger wind in the morning but had to retire early after pulling a muscle.
I took to the water shortly afterwards for a good blast around the lake before stacking it hard at 28 knots and the resultant crash headfirst into the water knocked the stuffing out of me and gave my eye a bruise I can still feel now! This was the first time I’ve been out on my reduced span foils in flat water and any breeze and easily came close to my previous best so I’ve no doubt that with the right conditions I can top it.
Leo, Darren and Alan were all out over the course of the afternoon. Darren was testing out his shoulder after a skiing incident earlier in the year and was finding Mothing wasn’t too easy going so is going to have to give the Nationals a miss.
I took some time over the afternoon to have a look over new Bristol Mothie Ben’s boat. He’s picked up a bargain converted Hungry Tiger which needs some good fettling and a new wand but he’s starting to get the hang of it already so it’ll be good to get some more time on the water with him.

Nationals T-minus 36 hours. Current preparation 0% complete. Fitness regime ended 2 weeks ago when work took over evenings. More sleep required also…