That Bloody Race!

The 39th Bloody Mary took place on saturday and with sunshine and a gusty12+ knot breeze it was finally looking like Mothy weather!
And it was, with Jason Belben, Mike Lennon, Ricky Tagg and Pete Barton taking the top 4 spots overall in the 250+ boat fleet! Mike and Jason in particular had a real ding-dong battle with place changing all the way round and Mike eventually missing out by overstanding the finish line and allowing Jason inside. Mike also gets the good sportsmanship award for shouting Jason back after he missed a spacer mark although I’m sure he’s regretting that now!
1st Jason Belben
2nd Mike Lennon
3rd Ricky Tagg
4th Pete Barton
15th Mike Cooke
21st Tom Offer
30th Doug Pybus
47th Geoff Carveth
63rd Andrew Friend
68th Richard Westbury
107th Ben Paton
164th Neil Baker
221st Leigh Albrecht
229th Andrea Biagioni
Full results here
Fotoboat gallery here
SurftoTurf gallery here
Sportography gallery here

This one of me thanks to James Phare – will post more of his later…
I had a pretty good race once I got around the windward mark. Unfortunately the bit before that saw me dropping the mainsheet and falling in, then getting caught by a gust post tack and mining hard. By the time I got up and going again the leaders were already around the 1st leeward mark! Thankfully whenever I saw them next (going the other way around the course) they weren’t pulling away so I know I was going well enough to have hung with them if I hadn’t cocked up so badly!
In true Cooke fashion, I changed a load of stuff on the boat since I last sailed and this was my first test for my settings – the boat felt good, although I had run out of pushrod adjustment. I’m finally starting to pencil in some days sailing over the next couple of months after a hectic christmas period/housemove/trytosqeezeinsomeworktoo so hope the next couple of winter events go a bit smoother!