Where did I leave that boat?

Well, low and behold it was still at the sailing club. I think this was the longest period without any sailing since about 1989 for me – Life kinda took over and sailing took a back seat…

I’m still not sure if me and the Shredder are on talking terms after this absense as James Phare was the helm of the day on Sunday having a bit of a jolly and deciding on features for his Ninja in the new year. I meanwhile was testing out the latest Ninja to hit the water which has been a testbed boat for a customer who happened to have a lot of the same ideas as me for how to take the boat forward. It’s been an interesting experience and I’m now considering my self imposed no-new-boat-beforethenextworlds rule as I think there is definitely something in it. What ‘it’ is you will have to wait and see!

James and I were joined at BCYC by Tom Lambert and Badger so we had 4 boats on the water, enjoying the relatively full lake and getting back into the swing of things.

I’m really excited about the upcoming Bloody Mary and the usual launch bunfighting. I doubt I’ll do quite as well as last year as I’ve just not been sailing and I expect there will be a bit more competition from the south coast shandy drinkers with the event being part of the Moth winter series.

Nearly winter Solstice too. Roll on Summer!