The minor things

The Moth is a tricky beast sometimes. It’s a complicated package that relies on every single part doing its job. Once one part fails there is no redundancy to pick up the slack.

Hayling open was a write off for me for exactly this reason. A buckled pushrod at the top of the daggerboard caused all control to vanish a lap into the first race. With a long semi out of control sail back in there was no way it was getting fixed for that day. Unfortunately I made such a hash of replacing it that I damaged my flap hinge which I only noticed when I went to rig up on Sunday. A pretty epic weekend of fail really. Thankfully Jason was on hand to keep the HISC boys honest.

I’ve not been able to get much Mothing in lately as the conditions haven’t been kind at BCYC. I’ve taken the opportunity to go windsurfing instead which has been doing my fitness levels the world of good as, being quite bad at it, get the kind of beatings I used to get when I started foiling (Garda anyone?).

So on to Thorpe Bay. I grew up in Burnham and used to sail at TBSC quite a bit but dont think I’ve visited since my teens. It’s an excellent club and the waters should give a fairly good simulation of Stokes Bay. That reminds me – almost form guide time…