Don't run your friends over.

There’s been some minor Bristol Mothing lately. We had a bit of an open day two Saturdays ago with DJ, Andrew Friend and Rich Westbury all joining in and I think we had 7 boats out at various stages. Darren took a few pictures which he’s posted on Facebook

I als had an entertaining run in with Mr ‘Badger’ Fear on a Wednesday night when he went for an unexpected gibe and wiped out in front of me – leaving either a run up the concrete bank or a swift gibe as my only options. I went with the gibe and didn’t quite make it, resulting in a small hole in my nice new sail! Live and learn. Nothing a bit of tape won’t fix anyway and it could have been much worse!

I’ve been busy in the workshop, mostly knuckling down and getting some of the new 2011 foils out the door along with Tom Lambert’s new 2011 Ninja in the most tasteful colour yet!

I have been able to sneak in a bit of time on Donatello, finally getting around to my take on an adjustable wand (also known as the Oligario Sissy Stick or Pimp Cane) and fitting my proper Hyde tramps.

Terry the spar man, has been making me a new mast to fit my MSL10, which is a bit stiffer than my usual, but with a longer topmast taper to force more bend from higher up. Might get the chance to have a look at that this weekend before the open in Hayling. If the W.I. can get out of bed for their own open meeting we might actually get a good turnout! 😉

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  1. Ah, we weren't racing at that point – milling about prestart but it got a bit jumbled up.Sun – that far north?

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