Are you serious?

Seems the latest craze with Mothies is blogging less. Even Phil Oligario is doing it!

I think it’s a bit of a shame that in order to be competitive people seem to be spending less time online sharing their experiences – sure, most of the time it’s just people like me spouting off about nothing in particular but there are always little gems hidden away in amongst the general sailing posts.
I think it’s a sign of the newer people in the class bringing in a level of professionalism and not wanting to give their game away or share their secret tweaks. Probably also a sign of the pulls of modern life meaning there is so much to pack into a day.

So, to be serious about your Mothing you shouldn’t be online spouting nonsense when you could be sailing, doing some boat work or going running or whatever fitness craze has taken hold since the new year!

I’m currently sitting in the sailing club watching some vicious gusts flying down the lake. Yesterday was blown off with 35 knot gusts and today looks a bit like more of the same. Normally I’d go windsurfing but my van is in the garage being sorted out and apparently you can’t fit a free ride board in an mx5 or citroen c1! We did find that you can fit two mountain bikes in the c1 though but I won’t let Em and myself’s off road adventures get in the way of my blogging….

2 Replies to “Are you serious?”

  1. Maybe we just do not have anything interesting to say?I love a good rant but the Mothosphere is getting boring. Some one needs to upset some people and we will be back on track in no time i promise.I used to use the Mothosphere to motivate me through the build of the boat in a country that had no moths. It was the closest i got to going down the pub after a Moth Open. Now that we have our mini fleets we get this peer community first hand, so the Mothoshpere looses its potency a bit.Doug

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