Summer time and the sailing's easy.

Darren, Alan, Martin and I made it down to BCYC yesterday for the first proper sea breeze session of the year. The hot weather lately has been warming things up nicely and by midday there was a nice 8-10 knot breeze that increased slightly over the afternoon. This gave Martin and I a good couple of hours in, practicing our tacking and gibing and doing speed runs. Martin is going very nicely now and we’re slowly pinning down the areas that need inprovement.
I’ve been quite surprised with my own progress after doing next to no sailing for over 6 months. The foiling tacks are still there and I’m just not quite as smooth as I was. The new boat is going really nicely and I’m looking forward to getting to a couple of events now to really see how things shape up! My fitness doesn’t seem too bad either, having taken up running a couple of months ago to make sure I was vaguely fit before the season started rather than being vaguely fit by the time it finishes…
I’ve got my nice swivel-jammer based Pro-start mount working now, with a couple of tacking lines running off the mainsheet bridle bringing it up to windward every time. I’ve never really sailed with visible boatspeed before, just recording my tracks for viewing later but it is quite interesting getting into a groove and seeing how the boat behaves.
Emma was on camera duty, enjoying the sunshine.