Wednesday sailing

Well despite the greyness and sudden re-emergence of winter I journeyed out to Axbridge for a nice quiet sail this afternoon.

The wind was all over the place and coming and going quite frequently. This made for plenty of string twiddling trying to get the most from the rig. I feel I’m finally starting to get the foils and gearing how I like it and this is allowing me to start getting into the rhythm of tacking and gibing again and even pulled off a few no touch tacks.

I’ve been tinkering with a mount for my Prostart as it’s impossible to read from hiking if it’s mounted facing aft at the mast. After hacking up a mainsheet swivel jammer and building a mounting plate around it I just need to figure out how to tack it now. Bungee onto the kicker didn’t work unless the boom was well off the centreline. Thinking either toestraps or mainsheet bridle next…

I’m off down to Weymouth on Friday afternoon for a bit of sailing with some other moths before the coaching kicks off on Saturday.