MSL – Main Sail Limbo

Sailed for the first time with a MSL 10C on my boat today and discovered I can barely get under the boom! Going to have to put a second clew eye in I think and lose a bit of area off the foot. You don’t get the niceties that you get with the Hydes like leech or luff telltales although my cams didn’t fall off so that was a good start!

Had a beautiful sail down at Axbridge this afternoon – the first wednesday of the year and with 10-12 knots it was good to try and get back into the routine of Moth sailing, trying to remember how to tack and gibe and start to get my setup dialed. The boat and new foils are behaving themselves and I managed to crack out a 23 knot run in one of the bigger puffs which could have been no more than 15 knots.

Darren and Martin were both down a little later but unfortunately the wind was shutting off by this time, leaving me as race officer to run a race with next to no wind by the finish…

We’re having a bit of a Bristol Moth Fest on Sunday with most of the club boats likely to be out + DJ visiting us from Port Talbot – should be fun!