Fast as lightning.

I would love to say that I am describing my new boat. While it does indeed feel very fast it’s also early days.

Instead I am describing quite how quickly I left the lake earlier today after the sudden onset of thunder and lightning alarmingly close to the lake at Cheddar…
There wasn’t much wind for my sail and when the breeze kicked in I thought I was in for a nice ride, until a bolt of lightning made me nervous and we all evacuated the lake pretty rapidly. One of the sailors was telling me afterwards how he didn’t mind too much as he had a carbon mast. He wasn’t sure if I was joking when I told him that carbon was an excellent conductor!

No other mothies about. Martin was off for sneaky practice in Wales with DJ, Tom is off down in Rock with his boat, Darren was 200 sailing while Leo has a fractured rib! I’m hoping we can get our act back together and all get out again soon…

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