Rumour Mill Pt 2

So the latest rumour flying around is that Rob Greenhalgh has picked up a Mach 2 and has yet another AC designer working on foil designs and shiny ally moulds… Make of that what you will – interesting to see people coming in and throwing money around. I’m sure fresh minds looking at the boats will produce some new ideas and will be good to see what they come up with…

2 Replies to “Rumour Mill Pt 2”

  1. The problem is always defining the load condition. Non-mothies don't understand how the boats are sailed. I think that is why you and Amac have better luck designing foils.

  2. I agree with Karl. Rob will find that perhaps sailing his Moth (with its currently very quick foils) instead of p*ssing about with them might be a better use of his time and money?

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