Weight Weenie part 2

While waiting for the wind to fill in today Leo and myself got a bit over enthused by the scales and went around weighing everything on all the boats we could find! Results were interesting, but the one thing we didn’t have to hand was a Mach 2 or Assassin. I shall wave my scales at the next one I see… All up weights include the sail, but I have included them seperately as they varied quite a bit.

My Ninja
All up 30.5KG
Sail (Hyde crazymain) 3.2 KG

Leo’s Axiom 1
All up 38.9KG
Hyde 2008 sail 3.8KG

Martins Bladerider X8
All up 35.8KG
Sail (KA X8) 4.5

Chris’ Bladerider RX
All up 44.4KG
Sail (KA X8) 4.5

Simons Prowler 3
All up 36.9KG
Sail (KA MSL10) 4.5KG

The wind did fill in at lunch and we got a race in, although I missed the start due to a schoolboy rigging error (not sailed much since the Nationals…). Boat is going well and I’m looking forward to the Steve Nicholson race next saturday. Will be interesting to see how the new sail actually goes against some other Moths as I haven’t lined up against anyone for ages.

3 Replies to “Weight Weenie part 2”

  1. Interesting findings.I think before everyone goes and takes hacksaws and drills to their boats in the quest for lightweightedness, it must be pointed out that it is more important to get the setup right on moths than it is to shave a few kilos.

  2. Damn right. I think you would be surprised at how much harder a boat with the same foils and setup is to sail if it is carrying 10+k's though.

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