Bloody crazy people

Londons finest bunfight took place yesterday with a massively reduced turnout of 60 odd boats. Normally you can’t fit in the dinghy park with the 300 others but the snow and ice put paid to the Bloody Mary’s usual scale. The fact that the temperatures were barely above freezing and a bitterly cold northerly wind on top of that meant that most people thought sailing in the first place was a really bad idea – But somehow that didn’t stop 7 intrepid/stupid (delete as you see fit) Moth sailors from attempting the silliest boat race in history. I think the fact that the Moths were lined up to start 74 minutes after the topper started (and two minutes after an 18 if there had been one!) at least meant the race would be shorter than for most…

2 and a half hours later and only one Moth was left standing in the shape of Geoff Carveth who came in 15th out of 30 finishers, beating home the two 600ff’s of Sam Pascoe and Simon Hiscocks despite the fact that they had caught up with Geoff halfway around the first lap.

So, well done to these guys for giving it a shot – Geoff Carveth, Alex Adams, Doug Pybus, James Phare, Andrew Friend, Jon Peats and Ben Sutcliffe. Apparently making the biggest fleet in attendance. Also well done to moonlighting Mothies sneaking around in other classes – Pete Barton and Ben Paton sneaking in 4th in the GT60 Cherub, Sam Tozer crewing a 200 in 9th.

I was umming about going with a boat, but found out on Friday that BCYC is closed off at the moment due to the snow, leaving my boat firmly stuck out there. I kind-of missed not doing it, but seeing the guys launch soon made me think otherwise!

Steve Nicholson race at Pitsford is the next winter event on Saturday the 30th of January with a mini training event on the Sunday thanks to Gary Ireson and Tom Castle who have organised a rib for us.