Down in Flames

Well, I think it’s safe to say the ashes will be staying in Australia this time around…
I’d like to congratulate Nathan on a dominating performance on a relatively level playing field shows him to be a true class act. I would also like to congratulate Scott on a top result while running the event – This has been far and away the best worlds to watch online with the daily video and constant Facebook updates.
2011 is going to be an interesting year – I’m currently trying to get my head around how on earth the GBR fleet can up our game sufficiently!

3 Replies to “Down in Flames”

  1. Headmaster Oligario says…Hey Mike, I've told you before… Stop messing around with model boats and take your training seriously! You've got the skills along with a good few others so time to realise that potential!

  2. Thanks Phil. The reason the toy boats came out is because that was all the water I had. Thankfully the lake is up 2 feet this week alone so hopefully another solid week of rain will see the Bristol Squadron back in action…And yes, I am taking this year seriously.

  3. …and, of course, take notes from Nathan's post-mortem interview. Practice, practice, practice goes without saying, but it's also test, test, test. If he had five masts to play with, adjustable wand and gearing sorted too, as well as the essential hacksaw, what more do you need? It's time for Team Ninja to rule the world!

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