Finally – Water!

While Saturday was just plain too windy to go sailing, Simon Hindley and myself made it down the club to do some boatwork and we were both surprised to find the lake has come up a metre in the last week. Pretty impressive on the part of Bristol Water as I’d struggle to put a number on how much water has been pumped in. This means it is now fully sailable – a fact which we put to good use on Sunday, both getting out for a good bit of playtime.

It’s good to be back on the water and with a marginal breeze with some good puffs in double figures it was good practice too – remembering how to gybe and figuring out what needs doing to Ninja Tuna (not a lot thankfully!).
Simon had a nasty incident with his Prowler tramps, meaning his sail was cut short, but while he was out the boat was vastly improved after some setup work done on the Saturday.
Next Saturday we are doing a mini training event and hoping to get a couple of the South Wales Mothies over too, along with Martin who has just picked up a secondhand Bladerider (GBR3323) and is keen to get back on the water, and Chris who hasn’t been able to sail his boat since he got it due to the lack of lake!

Let me know if you are interested in joining in…