New Year, same goals

Welcome to 2009!

2008 was a pretty hectic year by all accounts. The Axiom v4 was pretty well received and turned out to be pretty quick when going the right way. The mission this year is to get it to go the right way more often and that means getting the which-way nut in shape and brain tuned up. I knew this would be a problem last year as I have been spending so long getting the Aardvark moths up to speed that I have sacrificed any proper training and racing I would usually have done. I’ve been to a few events, but bad luck and a touch of poor preparation have meant a failure to shine where I feel I could have… Bruised ribs ruined my nationals and the Foiltown worlds were a disaster for me – Secret Squirrel was ready for the job but I had exhausted myself in the process – A lesson in there somewhere…

But that was last year, and this is a new one. I can’t make the worlds this year due to bigger things going on in life (weddings and houses are pretty big!) but I have no intention of letting up on the Moth front. I have a couple of things in the pipeline which I believe I can improve on from the v4 and with new competition from Mach2 it will be interesting to see if the bar is raised again. I can’t help feeling that the bigger gains aren’t there to be had anymore and it will be a much more incremental evolution rather than revolution – but then I’m sure people said that about hydrofoils…

I intend to publish my some of my older designs for foils and get some basic building guide stuff worked out this year. I have helped a couple of people with homebuild projects and loaned out the Axiom v2 mould to a friend of mine to build himself a boat (pictured) and this will be available to a loving home as soon as he gets it back to me! This sort of thing should be encouraged as much as possible.

Off to Queen Mary for the annual bunfight that is the Bloody Mary Pursuit race on Saturday. Martin and Myself are going from BCYC and it looks like we could get 10 boats there, along with the 600FF’s to play with it should be great fun if the wind gods play the game.

Fingers crossed!

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  1. Hi Mike,Does that mean you are getting married this year? If you are.. congratulations and it will also mean less mothing and more eating and with any luck you can join me in the heavy weight division!Cheers,Phil Oligario

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