Sunday sailing

Alan and myself were both out yesterday, braving the cold temperatures and crappy northerly wind. The first race was all over the place, from 5 knots to 20 with wild shifts and a lot of boats to dodge in search of good breeze.
Until halfway through the race I couldn’t stay foiling long enough to break away from the pack, luckily the breeze kicked in a bit more and I managed two laps with very little lowriding and managed to take the lead and then lap everyone bar the Fireball and Alan.

We both got warmed up over lunch and braved the cold launch again but unfortunately my prodder wires (holding the stays in) died a sad death and left me with massive mast bend on starboard and I kept getting dumped in to windward. Decided to leave it there and head in as you cant fight these boats – even the smallest of things out of place makes life incredibly hard.

We’re off to Port Talbot (Corus SC) this weekend for the final Moth open of the year. I think we should be getting 4 Bristol Moth boats over there and I’m hoping for a good turnout.