Flying High

As I’m not getting much sailing in at the mo (either too busy at weekends or can’t be bothered to tackle the weed at the club) I have been getting my wind-powered-sport kicks from a touch of power kiting in the past couple of weeks. And it rocks!!

Our friends, Dom and Barry, at UFO Kite Shop have been running sessions on Weston beach every Tuesday evening over the ‘summer’ and we have finally begun to take advantage of this. It’s a touch annoying that the nights are drawing in, as I am now totally hooked on this kiting malarkey and we are quickly running out of evenings to play in.

If you haven’t tried power kiting yet, I really think you should. My eventual aim is to go out in a buggy and speed around on the sand in that, but so far I have been getting to grips with four line kites.

Tonight I took my new kite – a fabulous pressie! – down to the beach for the first time. I have got an HQ Crossfire, which is 1.7 square metres, and is quite big enough to drag me around on the beach. After a bit of zooming, Dom decided I was ready to move into a harness, which made the flying soooo much more comfortable. I spent most of the evening grinning!

Apparently I am now ready to move into a buggy…..

What a lot of fun!

Here are some piccies taken by our resident Cookie Monster: