I’ve had several headcams over the years, starting with an Oregon ATC1000 (which they never made the waterproof case for – damn them…)  and ATC2000 and a crazy little wireless jobby but have always been disappointed with the picture quality.

I was in my friendly local kite shop last week picking up some carbon rods and came across one of these : GoPro Helmet Camera
The picture quality is pretty damn good and its even waterproof to 100 feet – I’ve got a wide angle lens on the way so it should get most of the moth in shot from either end of the boat! Its got a load of funny mounts and straps to so for my first mission with it I strapped it on my head and tried to keep up with Em in the Squirrel in Leo’s lowrider (my first moth build!)
I was going to try and upload the video here uncompressed but Blogger didn’t like that so I’ve put a short clip on on Youtube