Doing it my way

Righty, I thought I would publish this here so that people can stop questioning/interrogating me about whether or not I will be competing at the Worlds next month. The answer is: no, I wont be. My reasoning for this decision is as follows:

1. I have sailed no more than 7 times since the Worlds in Garda last year.
2. That sailing has not all been in my own boat.
3. My boat is not a ready-set-up foiler that I can just jump in and fly – it is something entirely different to everything else that is out there and I have not yet managed to get it working to its full potential.
4. I do not yet feel that I have enough control to be on a race course with 10 boats, let alone 80.
5. I am not that keen on racing and never really have been. I enjoy sailing for sailing, not for competition. Maybe this will one day change, but it hasn’t yet.
6. I would like to race for the first time when I feel ready, not when everybody else is telling me I should be.

I may well be in Weymouth for the week of the Worlds, and I may well have a boat with me, but I will not be competing. I will be continuing to learn and develop at my own rate of knots and having a bloody good time.

That’s all for now…FBG goes sailing again next weekend!


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  1. Good stuff Em! Hope your boat gets sorted when you feel ready 😉 Mhh maybe that boat’s got different ideas. Moths, sigh… But enjoy anyways!

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