Wednesday Sailing

Its good to be able to make the most of the Wednesdays now and get out sailing. After helping Emma get herself foiling for the afternoon I got out and got some practice in, with Em on the camcorder.

Its good to be able to watch yourself and see where you are going wrong!


I tried going for the race, but there wasn’t really enough wind and the rope holding my ratchet block onto the boom failed – dumping me unceremoniously into the lake… Always next week!

One Reply to “Wednesday Sailing”

  1. I’ve had the mainsheet hanger part company a couple of times too, one time I had replaced it the morning before going sailing! It’s certainly a very undignified way to end a good day’s sailing. I’ve since replaced mine with some 5mm Marlow D12 (basically as thick as I could get and still fit through the tube on the top of my boom twice) and it has lasted at least 6 sails without showing evidence of wear and tear.

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