Fat-Bottomed Flying

This afternoon saw sunshine and a lovely 10-12 knot breeze. Beautiful, and perfect for another go at foiling my fat-bummed lady.

And cripes, what a difference the foils make! While I was having trouble getting foiling completely (a few tuning and technique tweaks to be made), the boat really felt so much better. I got in a some really good blasts across the lake and did manage two ‘pop ups’ where the whole boat was out of the water. I was also getting to grips with tacking, which had always been a problem for me without the foils.

Unfortunately my photographer (aka Cookie) was not adept at steering the rather dodgy rib and taking pictures, so we have nothing to show you. It’s a shame, but I now have the bug, so I am sure there will be plenty more opportunities for pictures in the very near future!

Anyway, here is evidence of my new top speed (it won’t be top for long, mind):

I finally understand what you folks have been so excited about all this time: foiling rocks on with its socks on, that’s for sure!


PS – that manky thumb is not mine….