Weekend sailing

Saturday had Alan, Ade Murphy and myself out for a bit of foiling fun. Wind was only just hitting 10 knots at times but it was great to get out and get some proper practice in and start practicing foiling tacks. – Technique for this one is pretty hardcore as you have to be really fast across the boat but I don’t think I am that far away – was coming out of the tacks with some really good pace, just not flying… Yet!


Adrian is really getting to grips with the Nemesis and was all over us in the light patches flying in practically nothing as he is pretty light. He had on his headcam and has posted a bit of footage. I had mine too, but had forgotten to wipe the previous recording so managed to record zip! ah well, lesson learned!

Sunday saw myself and Martin driving ribs as it was duty time – Alan went out for a bit and was foiling in the puffs and new Bristol Mothie Leo took Wasabi the Pimp Ninja our for his first sail and was coping fine with the art of light air mothing…

Poole is next weekend – I’m not able to make it, but it will be interesting to see how things are shaping up in our first open of the year.