Sunday sailing

After Yesterdays shenanigins, Em gave me a bit of “water leave” to go make make sure all is peachy now and it seems all my earlier issues are resolved – the boat flies at just over 7knots boatspeed and even with my daggerboard finish in a state after the previous evenings flap refitting I managed a new PB in the new boat of 21.3 knots. I didn’t stay out long, other than to nail 5 gibes in a row and do a bit of upwind practice.
Martin and Alan were both out getting some flying time in too, and after lending Martin my GPS he managed a new PB of 17.5 – not bad for a first-Gen foiler and only a months foiling experience. (edit, Martin got that up to 18.5 in the afternoon!)

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  1. Alan left Martins sail in Bristol (never figured out why he had it!) so he ended up stealing Chris’ sail from the Yellow Axeman… All very complicated!

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