Saturday sailing

Well, the forecast for the weekend had Saturday down as the lesser of two evils… When I got down the club it actually looked pretty good with a peaky 15 knot breeze. I started getting rigged, but with new boat stuff this took a pretty long time.
Adam turned up and it had gotten pretty windy so we went for a nice cuppa (seemed like the civilised thing to do). The wind abated a bit and coaxed me back onto the water and with a solid 20 knot breeze, Edwards first outing began.

Problem number one. I’d already ran out of cunningham – my funky dogbones to attach said item to the mainsail had taken up a bit too much space and the cascade had run into the boom!

Problem number two. I pulled a lot of kicker on quickly from a dubious angle and wrenched part of the cleat flipper off the kingpost. Nothing some new bolts wouldn’t sort anyway…

Anyway, the boat foiled nicely and smoothly – its always hard to tell on flat water how well everything is working for you with the controls but so far so good. After a few blasts back and forth, then up and down I’d hit 20.5 knots and decided to call it quits for the day as there were some nasty looking clouds sneaking up.

Pics by Angie Cooke, more to follow from Adam…