GBR 3191 Jamming with Edward

The first of the v.4 Axioms is now pretty much done. Just barring a coat of gloss on the new foils and my sail to turn up I should be back on the water on Saturday.
The new shape is flatter and fatter at the back for improved bouncing and shift the buoyancy aft from the v.3 shape. The tramps all lace to the hull in the classic style and a first for me is removable wing bars. All the usual Harken gear and a Hyde sail. Spars are Aardvark and foils are new shape Aardvark ones, with some interesting stuff going on with the rudder and a hopefully improved flap hinge system.
The general plan is to sail Edward in anger at Cheddar for a few weeks before heading off and taking part in a few winter handicap events.

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  1. ya ya ya…Forgot to take into account the diameter of the wing bars when laying out the tramps. I was going to make a whole new set, but for 2cm I really wasn’t that worried!

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