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  1. Definitely some May influence, as the front sections look similar to the Flashheart.She looks very modern, and different. At last our boats are evolving and no longer looking like flying hungry tigers. The boats are evolving to be optimized for flying. We my get it wrong for a while but now is the time for experimentation.Why the high foredeck and not a post arrangement? It is clear the the Bladerider low foredeck looks great but is a structural bitch to get right, so a high foredeck or a post is the logical evolution from my point if view. I am going for a post but if you know something I do not please change my mind.I am looking forward to seeing some more pictures soon.All the best,Doug

  2. Can you be influenced by something that you’ve never seen?! Glad to hear he has similar ideas though…The foredeck has a kingpost as part of the wingframe, which goes about 4 or 5 inches higher. Should become clearer this week.

  3. I will post some picture of the Flashheart soon as I have laminated the outside skin…I thought that maybe you had chatted to Adam, but if not then I hope you have not patented this shape… 😉 Looks like there are 3 of us going in the direction of V bows, so this could be the new trend.Look forward the the detail pictures.All the best,Doug

  4. Glad to hear there is progress over there.Whicher, as to your glorious Polo, the scrap man was asking whether he could take it away the other day…

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