Poole week shenanigins

Rod Harris invited the mothies down to his local haunt of Poole Harbour to have a go at a few races of Poole week. Unfortunately the launching proved to take so long that only Si Payne and Adam May made the start, with Rod and Myself a few minutes behind.

Only Rod really had a clue where he was going so he was the only finisher after plenty of bombing around looking for marks, sailing through Seacat wake (very weird, do it at least once…) and foiling though moorings and Xboats. James Roche missed the start by long enough to not even figure out where the windward mark was and Gary Ireson (Mr Zhik UK) missed out on launching altogether!

The next day saw too little wind to interest the remaining mothies in racing, so we had a bit of a pootle and swapped boats a few times in the only just foiling wind.

Was great fun and a good way to fill the post nationals fixtures gap… More of this please UK mothies!