Final Sail

Been a bit busy lately! Had a few laps of the Prodrive test track in a Lamborghini Gallardo (wedding present c/o Mrs Cooke) last weekend. Also been working all hours getting a new Cherub mould done along with working through the list of Ninja orders – it’s great to be so busy but just need to keep on top of things!

Had my final brief sail in Ninja Tuna on Wednesday. Tom was down to go through rigging and launching and the breeze filled in just enough to give me a 20 minute blast and time for him to get some foiling runs in. I’m pretty sure that will be my last sail till the week before the Nationals!
Great prep really – fingers crossed that all my efforts on the new boat show some reward… Luckily my boat handling wasn’t too rusty and as long as I keep my fitness up between now and then (windsurfing in greece for a week should help!) I’m sure I will be OK.

I will apologise in advance to those who’ve gone to the effort of putting on the Poole and Scottish opens as I would normally have been at both and hate to be unsupportive of what circuit has been put on. Got to look at the bigger picture at the moment for once and spending time building rather than sailing has to be done…

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