Custom Lead Bulbs

Out of necessity rather than anything else, we got into pouring our own lead.

Using a 2 piece bolt together wooden mould we are able to turn out reasonable quality bulbs to pretty much any shape – this allows the sort of experimentation we love, and has lead to a long string of different shapes going into testing, including a rather fancy flat bottom bulb on our current Radio Marblehead…

Assuming you can give us the basics, like length, section and profile we can turn that into a CAD drawing, before milling and pouring a bulb – including some basic details like the fin slot.

One piece RM bulb at around 3KG
  • IOM Machine mould and cast £200+VAT
  • RM Machine mould and cast £250+VAT
  • RG65 Machine mould and cast £175+VAT

It’s worth bearing in mind that this service is aimed at people who want to experiment with ideas and shapes, rather than as a replacement for the current off the shelf offerings!