IOM Rocket RX – current

The Rocket RX is the current boat in our IOM development (X is revision 10!). It’s slightly beamier than the current crop of IOM at 185mm with a subtle V hull and a smooth, low windage foredeck shaping to improve the airflow into the jib at angles of heel.

Hull is built entirely from S-Glass and Sicomin epoxy laminating resin in a split 2 piece mould so as much of the hull comes out in the original moulding as possible – this improves accuracy (anyone who’s built an IOM will know how floppy bare hull skins can be.) and keeps the built weight as low as possible as the glue joints are kept to a minimum.

Hulls are then usually finished in hard wearing Durepox paint and polished to a fine finish. While this doesn’t give the same gloss as a 2k acylic or polyurethane paint it is incredibly resilient and is the sort of thing you’ll find on high performance dinghy foils like our Rocket Moth.

The interior is pretty simple, with a glass plate around the fin box to triangulate the torsional loads, a forestay brace and transverse bracing for the mainsheet and rudder posts.

The fin is made from ultra high modulus carbon to give improved stiffness in both torsional and spanwise loadings. The keel bulb is flat bottomed to lower the CoG of the bulb – giving extra righting moment benefits and sheathed in carbon.

  • Hull, finished in single colour durepox (white, grey or green) ready to fit electronics, including fin, bulb and rudder £1200 plus VAT