Rocket Moth standard


Rocket was orginally based around the forward geometry Ninja built for Giovanni Galeotti in the winter of 2011. The concept was pretty simple, Wand, Mast and Mainfoil forward, more foil spacing, more stability, less drag.

After extensive testing over the 2012 season we decided to really make it work it would need more volume up front to help with take-off, combined with a V’d bow to help you out when you start hitting the waves.

So the Rocket was born.

For current prices, see below. The boat will be supplied without a rig, giving you the option of choosing your own Rocket fuel although we are currently speccing Lennon Sails/CST Spars.

For information on the radical Rocket “Raccoon” SSD, please see this link

Prices are excluding VAT. Please contact us for a full quote.


Rocket HM

Painted Carbon hull, weight approx 10 kilos £3250
Wing bar package £1400
Hydrofoil Daggerboard finished in Durapox Matt Grey inc foilbag £2050 HM
Hydrofoil Rudder finished in Durapox Matt Grey inc twist grip inc foilbag £2150 HM
Carbon tube rudder gantry, inc basic angle adjustment and fairing £400
Carbon prodder, including fore/aft adjustment £150
Adjustable wand and adjustable carbon pushrod £450
Dacron tramps with glass rods for lacing £300
Marlow Rope pack £250
Allen Fitting pack £450
Rigging 2.5mm wire rigging £130
Sovereign launching trolley with cradle £300
———— ————



———— ————


CST bent boom with lever £POA
Stainless Rod Stays £220
Unpainted hull for home finishing -£300
Unpainted foils – Save more wonga -£200
Sovereign road base £400
Creation top cover £250
Creation foilbags £130