Rocket IOM

We’ve had a lot of time to tinker with IOM yachts over the years – the current boat is Version 6 – really fast in powered up conditions and open water!

Deck is shaped for low windage and to interface with the jib as best as possible – this produces a relatively low freeboard shape up front but the boat doesn’t suffer nosediving any worse than other top designs as this shape naturally sheds water.

Underwater shape is quite distinctive, but I’m not going into that as I’ve read all sorts of nonsense spouted on the subject. If you like to go fast in open water this is the one for you.

  • All epoxy build with high stiffness S-Glass
  • Several hundred grams of correctors
  • Robot Yachts autoclave fin – THE BEST
  • Creed bulb
  • £1200 plus VAT ready to add electrics and rigs