ROCK3T Mini 40 Tri

The Rock3t is the successor to the proven Shinobi trimaran with the goal of improving the boats manners while keeping the race winning speed!

We’ve had good success with this boat at the Gosport UK club series, including winning the 2018 Gosport international open.

We’re firm believers in float foils providing the leeway resistance in Mini40s and not using a centreboard – there is a tiny wind range where this is at a disadvantage, entirely in drifting conditions and no one enjoys that!

The mainhull has considerably more rocker with the aim being to make tacking very quick and keep the wetted area down for the lighter airs.

The floats have a bit more volume up front and higher than the Shinobi to prevent the bows from burying.

Hulls are all carbon and produced in one piece using a split mould and bladder moulding – this ensures the lightest possible weights. All up weights for the complete boat are sub 2KG!

  • £1200 plus VAT for a complete unpainted platform inc rudder and 2 float foils
  • Rigs can be sourced through SailsETC – we’ve been working with Graham Bantock for a few years to ensure an off the shelf option is available.

Email mike at if you’d like more information